Bees Leave

Over the summer, some bees built a hive on the front of my trailer, right over a vent leading to the kitchen. No bees ventured inside the trailer; but the hive attracted the attention of a few neighbors. Seems some of them got stung. But I don't think it was these particular bees that did the stinging. More likely it was the bees that built a hive on the inside of my mudroom wall out back. I saw them exit and enter through a gap in the siding all summer long. Those bees were agitated, but the bees out front were calm. In any case, both hives are vacant now, and I removed the front hive. I assume all the bees burrowed into Chuck for the winter.

Mutant Fleas

I'm a flea, tick, and mosquito magnet. Any flea, tick, and mosquito within a 1-mile radius of me has a good chance of finding and feeding on me. So when I noticed my indoor-only cat was more reclusive than usual, I didn't suspect parasites. I thought she might be hibernating for the winter. Turns out she had fleas. Hundred of them. And somehow they were all staying on her. I gave her two baths, and the rinse water ran red. She was extremely anemic, so I took her to an animal hospital for a transfusion. Now she is fine, but I have to keep treating the trailer to break the flea cycle.

Head in a Box

Been raining a lot in northern New Hampshire... So during a mid-day break between showers, I stepped outside to take my daily walk, and started past my neighbor Dan's trailer. Turned out Dan shot and killed Bambi again, processed her in his shed, and was showing off her freshly severed head to some enthusiastic neighbors at the end of his driveway. Not wanting to cause a scene, I made a U-turn, walked back up the lane, and stepped back inside my trailer. A few hours later, I looked out the mudroom window and saw Chuck had been freshly fortified with deer entrails. It's an arrangement the residents of Back Lake Lane have. Chuck eats all our sins. Back to nighttime walks for me...

Sproutful Things...

I started my culinary herb seeds outside on the back deck, but with fall, the weather turned cold and dark. So I got a grow light and set it up in the mud room. I had put labels on all the pots, but the swamp gas must've made them illegible while they were outside. Pretty sure there's carrots in there somewhere. This one is a voodoo lily. I buried the bulb, and a couple weeks later, found this mound of moss on the surface. Not sure if that's part of the growth cycle or an anomaly. Probably an anomaly spawned by the spore-filled swamp gas. The yellow onion I planted rotted and spawned gnats, so I fed it to Chuck. It was gone the next day, save the gnats that were still hovering over the pile.

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