Bruce + Mither

Found this message on the wall of the utility closet. It was written by a former tenant during the superfund stage of Lopstick. At first I thought the message-writer meant to write "Mother," but scrawled "Mither" instead. But then I wondered why someone would write a person's name plus "Mother" with a heart around it. Kinda creepy, given the usual meaning of two names with a heart drawn around them. So then I thought perhaps "Mither" was a given name. Turns out it's probably not a (widely recognized) given name. So then I looked up the word "Mither." Back to square one.

Grubby Roots

I found these grubs rooting around in the compost pile. Not really. These are turmeric roots. Turmeric works wonder for an upset stomach, and turmeric is health-promoting in general. OTC concoctions are so expensive and have negative side effects. I make this in batches and have a couple wafers whenever my stomach acts up. My candied turmeric root recipe: Rinse and slice the turmeric roots wafer-thin. Put the wafers in a frying pan and add water to just cover. Add an abundance of erythritol and stir. Simmer, stirring occasionally, until water is mostly evaporated. Turn heat to lowest setting and stir frequently until almost dry. Turn off heat and leave pan on burner until cool. Scrape candy

Frozen Greens

Half-way through the last month of winter, I decided to harvest my herbs. I had planted the seeds densely, and so cutting the stems was like cutting hair. I don't remember exactly what I had planted, and the labels I taped to the sides of the containers were illegible from the daily misting. But I'm pretty sure rosemary is in here somewhere. And maybe even some carrot tops. I haven't dug around for carrot bottoms. Instead, I whirred the herbs with water and froze them into cubes. I'll make soup from now through spring with my herbaceous harvest.

Red Shed

Several days after I got an audio recording of what I assume was a fox in the shed, I was brave enough to go back inside and have a look around. I wanted to make sure any foxes overwintering in there weren't chewing through the equipment left by Carl. (He was quite the tool and utensil enthusiast.) Foxes are sly and cunning, and nothing like the ones you see on the so-called "news." Woodland foxes can carry rabies, which is potentially even more brain-threatening than disinformation. I didn't see any foxes or fox evidence, but the interior of the shed was aglow with a strange red light. The same light I sometimes see through the trees in the forest behind the shed. I wonder if the light has

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