Walking Tips

Every day last year, weather permitting, I found loose change at the end of a particular driveway in my neighborhood. And on every walk, I collected the change. Last Sunday, with the last of the snow and ice of the season melted from the lanes of Lopstick trailer park, I found my biggest walking tip yet. 60¢! I have enough for an emergency taxi fare fund now. If my crazy cousin and her two reform school girls decide to visit again, I'll simply gift them with my fund. Vamoose and good riddance! Don't have your own tip-happy neighbor?

My Neighbor Builds a Wall

The first official day of spring in New Hampshire, and more snow is on the way with temperatures dropping to well below freezing by the coming weekend. A continual onslaught of rain, sleet, and snow from Canada. And it looks like my neighbor has finally taken defensive measures and built the wall. It's big league. Huge. Tremendous. The whole neighborhood is gonna love it, believe me. But no word yet on who is paying for it.

Spring Snowstorms

Northern New Hampshire is in the middle of a spring snowstorm, with another one on the way. The power went out in Lopstick for a few hours last week. Could happen again. Lucky I have a generator and a freezer full of seitan, chickpeas, and green ice cubes. Not so sure about the neighbors across the lane, though. They've been known to simply burrow through the snow, fueled by beer (Lopstick is a trailer park). This time they might even make it across the border into Canada, bless them. Literally tunnel through the snow-bound neighborhood and into the Canadian forest. Perhaps they take a cue from the gophers and moles...

Spring Sprouts

Though the temperature in Lopstick still dips below freezing at night, spring is sprouting. And so are my garlic bulbs. Soon to follow will be my catnip, lettuce, and chives. This time I eschewed labels, which always become illegible. Instead, I planted the seeds in rings in a seedling tray. The inner ring is chives, the middle ring is lettuce, and the outer ring is catnip (plus a few garlic bulbs). I'll set the seeds and sprouts outside in the sun during the day, and bring them into the mudroom at night, covered with a domed plastic top. I'm continuing with my high density planting again, because I'll be eating the harvest as spouts, including the catnip, and I have boxes full of these seed

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