Squatting in the Woodpile

The wind-felled trees are cut and stacked. And now I have a sizeable woodpile, with plenty of nooks and crannies. Now, I would never squat in a woodpile (too risky), but plenty of others would, including rats and snakes... Both of which are native to New Hampshire. Growing up, in the springtime I was fond of bringing frogs indoors from my gramma's woodpile. And when I lived in Hawaii, I found countless geckos and gecko eggs in an abandoned woodpile by a river. Might you be a brave squatter? Decide for yourself: "Take open, notorious and continuous possession of the property; the possession must be hostile."

Wind Storm

Last Friday night, in the wee hours of the morning, I awoke from a BOOM outside my bedroom window. The wind had been howling all night, and it finally toppled a dead pine tree. Luckily for me, the tree crashed onto a pergola instead of onto my deck and grill. The force of the crash bent the steel beams of the pergola, enhancing the striking geometric pattern. The park will reimburse the cost of the (free) pergola. And the wood will be given to a neighbor as fire fuel, and the steel sold as scrap.

Spud Monster

I put it in a bag for safekeeping. But then I simply forgot... FOR DAYS. I shouldn't have forgotten, but I did. And it's still alive... And growing!

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