Nightstroll with the rabbits...

Yesterday during my walk I had to gently but persistently herd a clutch of rabbits away from a stalking cat. So many rabbits this spring, and they're out and about at all hours. With summer around the corner, the daytime temperatures are approaching 90 degrees F (Fahrenheit because New Hampshire is not [yet] claimed by Canada). And so I've again taken to nighttime strolling... Tonight two rabbits crossed my path on the lane, mere hop-steps in front of me. If I were superstitious (which I think I am, deep down, though I would vehemently deny it), I'd say that's a sign of double good luck. I'll take it. Blessed be, Melangell!

That's no tomato...

This is my newly bloomed potato plant. And though I've grown potato plants before, until now, I've not seen one with tomato-looking things on the stems (with one kinda sorta exception). But turns out they aren't tomatoes. If you see a tomato-looking thing on your potato plant, don't eat it, as solanine is toxic to humans. Compost it instead!

Something's in the garden...

This year, my densely-planted radish seeds are the first to sprout with vigor. In previous years, my radishes have produced tough, wiry foliage, with equally tough, wiry roots. Perhaps this year I'll harvest early, and do multiple plantings throughout the summer for multiple sprout harvests. Or maybe I'll try something less messy. Seems I'm not the only one who thinks of harvesting early, though what is being harvested, I don't know. Figments of a squirrel's imagination?

Tip trap...

Yesterday, while taking my daily stroll through the trailer park, I saw a bright, shiny dime. Now this is usual for me, as I see spare change in the same area on Pluto Lane most every day. Now I'm not shy of vulgarity, and so I stoop to pick up change I find anywhere, including, of course, the change I find on Pluto Lane. But this dime wasn't on the lane. It was on the driveway abutting the lane. One dime at the edge of the driveway... beckoning. So obviously a test. And I'm proud (a rarity) to say I passed the test! I did NOT stoop the pick up the dime. And today when I walked down Pluto Lane, the dime was gone. A couple of neighborhood girls had walked down the lane before I did, and I sus

Planting the Potato Monster

Today I planted the spud monster. I can't resist growing things which are so obviously... growing. It's one unconventionally buried potato with three gangly stems. It will be the centerpiece of my perpetually experimental garden this year. White potatoes are thought to be toxic. But I still eat them. Most every vegan thing in moderation! Next weekend, I'll fill the rest of my garden with non-potato seeds.

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