Ripped 'em right outta there...

The weeds had their stay... BEFORE And now I've ripped 'em right outta there... AFTER Only leaving robust marigolds, leggy lettuce, bulbless beets, barely-there carrots, headless cabbage, dubious peas, malformed cucumbers, could-be cilantro, and what might be a tomato plant!

Potatoes beget potatoes...

My potatoes vines had all but disappeared. So while a friendly neighbor videos, I dig up what is underneath... These are new potatoes, not the potatoes I planted last spring! Instead of (re)planting these new ones, I will eat them...

New neighbor went under.

My farming next-door neighbors up and left unexpectedly, for good this time. Every fall they haul their harvest to the Pittsburg Farmers' Market to sell their veggies and fruit. But this year, this summer, something must've spooked them. I think it was their trailer. Ever since Tilly, Todd's wife, disappeared, their trailer's had a haunted feel to it. You don't even have to step inside, you can feel it just walking by (as I do every day). Anyway, the trailer sold, and the new owner moved in last week. So I'm washing dishes at my kitchen sink when I see her through the window. She runs across her yard and leaps over my weed patch. Then I hear the frantic knock on my front door. Soon as I open

Lettuce Bouquet

The show-stopper of my garden this year is the leggy lettuce. I did manage to get a few leaves here and there, but my lettuce plants much preferred shooting skyward than leafing out. So again, I did some gardening research online. Turns out that in addition to shade making lettuce leggy, hot weather makes lettuce bolt. Lopstick is always shady, and in the summer--HOT! And now I have a beautiful lettuce (and unidentified herb) bouquet. I will save the seeds and plant even more lettuce (and unidentified herb) flowers next year. That's how you work with nature, and not against it...

Faux Marigolds

The days have been long and hot... and the nights have been hot... And so I water my weedy garden in between summer showers, pull the weeds in the evening, and see that new weeds have popped up overnight. Must be the fertile Superfund soil. This year I've seen an abundance of what I guessed were marigold flowers (not yet bloomed). And so I had anticipated a full garden of marigold flowers for the fall. But now that some early marigolds have popped their buds, I've taken a closer look. Seems the garden has an abundance of faux marigolds. Their leaves are slightly different, and these imposers have to signs of buds. "Things aren't what they seem" is Lopstick's motto. The soil around here tends

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