Crepuscular creatures creep...

Summer is fading, and fall is creeping close... Can you spot the two birds and one squirrel? Within months, the dense forest will thin to a wooden skeleton.

Signs of the times.

My American neighbors added another American sign (of the times). The spores continue to twist the minds inhabiting this hamlet. All the peace-loving, rational people have long been turned into irrational clown-lovers or killers... including me. Fortunately for me, I have coulrophobia.

Mosquitoes love my DNA.

And so do ticks and fleas! Because I live in a contaminated trailer park, I thought it wise to get my DNA checked. And so last year I sent off one of those DNA kits, and they've been sending me reports ever since. Surprisingly good news, so far. And here's something they sent to me last week, which I already knew: Mosquito Bite Frequency "Lena, based on your genetics and other factors, you are likely to get more mosquito bites than others." Yep, any mosquito, tick, flea, chigger, and no-see-um within a stone's throw make a beeline for my abrosial blood... I've been lucky so far this summer, but fall is when the creepy-crawlies really get hungry... Time to stock up on extra iron pills.

The Spore-Monger Returns!

The infernal thing is back. The fungus from which spores were inadvertently flung because of those demon dogs that got in the way of that yard-shredding mower. And it's back with a sporey vengeance. Popped up in the front yard overnight in the same spot it claimed last year, the year before, and the year before that... It's been feeding voraciously on the rain and heat. Here it is last week on day 1: Tripling in size during the course of the first night, here it is on day 2: Then exponentially increasing in size, here it is on day 3: Now it's turned from sparkling white to glowing orange, and so I won't go near the damn thing. When it changes colors, it infects the whole neighborhood with b

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