Halloween on Back Lake Lane

Looks like aliens will be landing on Back Lake Lane. Specifically, in my new crazy neighbor's front yard. She built a landing strip with guide lights leading to the front door on her trailer. She was standing watch on he front porch, but I hid behind a bush and managed to film a few seconds. Didn't wont to risk filming longer, because of her attack dog. I know the lights are for the aliens, because no children (trick-or-treaters) ever dare roam this trailer park. Especially at night. Especially on All Hallows' Eve.

Garden Scraps

The first hard freeze of the season snuck up on my garden, and now the marigolds are kaput. But the hardy cabbage, beets, and carrots are salvageable. Time to make Garden Scrap Stew! 1. After the first freeze, pull all salvageable, edible plants out of the garden. 2. Rinse and scrub the plants, and chop. 3. Feed any leftovers to your compost pile. Put the rest into a pot. 4. Add enough water to cover. Add optional salt, pepper, and chopped potatoes. 5. Simmer until tender.

Fairy Ring Trailer

After a days-long, dark rainy spell, the sun pops out, and I see that a fairy ring had popped up in my front yard. Or should I say half a fairy ring. Fairy rings usually consist of a group of ground-growing mushrooms forming a circle. But one half of this fairy ring consists of my trailer! Look closely, and you'll see the mushrooms popping out from underneath the ubiquitous pine needles and fallen leaves. Nobody knows for sure what causes any particular fairy ring, but Wiki says, "Long-term observations of fairy rings on Shillingstone Hill in Dorset, England, further suggested that the cycle depended on the continuous presence of rabbits." Only my trailer is located in Lopstick, New Hampshir

Mystery squash...

Last summer a tiny vine popped out of Chuck. It grew, spindly and frail, on into fall. By mid-fall it had cascaded down the side of Chuck and spilled onto the backyard. The further it grew from the compost pile, the healthier the vine seemed to be. The bright yellow flowers hinted at forthcoming squash (the gourd-like fruit, not the obliterating action). But this mystery squash is a tease. All bloom and no bounty. Unless you consider the potential as the bounty. And who knows, maybe the next pod will burst forth an edible gourd before the first frost. Or I could take a chance and take a cutting into my makeshift laboratory for the winter...

Unrelenting rain...

October rolled in with heavy, unrelenting rain. The lanes are flooded, and the sun is gone for the year. More troubling, the second coming of the giant fungus is still growing and taking over the front yard. With the constant downpour, I can't get a good picture of it, but I can see it from my front porch with a flashlight... But here's the bright spot. Back in September my deer head-severing neighbor asked me if I would mind if he harvested the fungus for food. I told him I hope he does. So if the rain doesn't dissolve the fungus, he will partake, and the spores will transform his mind-brain into what he fears most... a vegan.

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