Lopstick in the sticks.

While checking the weather online (coldest Thanksgiving in New England in over a century!), I decided to look up the origin of the name "Lopstick"... Turns out "lopstick" is an alternate spelling of "lobstick." And "lobstick" is a tree with its middle or lower branches removed, used to signal people (mostly in Canada). I've not seen a lobstick since I moved to Lopstick, but lobsticking in Lopstick may be a good idea, as we're in for an even colder and snowier winter in New Hampshire...


Under the ultra-violet growlight, the lettuce seeds I planted in my dirtbag have sprouted into microgreen copse rows... With enough seeds to last, I'll be microgreening my salads through the winter... and leting some grow into full lettuce leaves for variety.

Fingerhut Treehouse

A few days ago I was surprised by a thick, hefty Fingerhut catalogue in my mailbox. I did not request this catalogue, and I hadn't seen a Fingerhut catalogue since I was a child. My gramma used to get them (only back then, Fingerhut catalogues were a lot smaller). The last time I spoke of FIngerhut was when my cousin March came to visit for the winter many moons ago. She would've married the heir to the Fingerhut fortune had it not been for that meddling Tucker and his confounded waxed Chevron moustache. One stiff-bristled look and she was under his waxy spell. March was always a sucker for moustaches, ever since we used to watch Magnum P.I. at gramma's house. I flipped through the catalogue

Mini Greenhouse

Winter's got off to a cold and rainy start, and my garden is officially out for the count. Shall be many months before I see any green leafy things in my weed patch. But yet I still want... dare I say NEED green leafy things... So I built my own mini greenhouse with a clear plastic storage bin and a bag of potting soil. Cheap and easy! Just poke some holes in the bag, and add some seeds (in this case, seeds that will turn into green, leafy things), and water. Harvest the large leaves and leave the small ones to grow. Plant more seeds as needed. The freshest salad for the winter!

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