Neighbor's gone nuts.

My new next-door neighbor has a dinosaur in her front yard. It had been roaming around outside since before Halloween, and through Thanksgiving and Christmas. But it moved so fast I hadn't been able to get a picture of it until now. Seems the lack of vegetation reduced it to a skeleton, and the frigid temperatures slowed the cold-blooded beast to a crawl. And now my neighbor has taken this opportunity to adorn it with a hat. Good on her, now I won't call the Humane Society. At least the beast is warm now, but what kind of a neighbor would let a pet dinosaur roam around outside, especially in winter?

Sprouts love different sprouts.

An update on my sprout bag experiment. Of the 23 holes in my bag, I sprinkled single-variety lettuce seeds in each of 7 holes. In the remaining 16 holes, I mixed the lettuce seeds before sprinkling. As the seeds sprouted and grew, I harvested from the holes with the tallest lettuclings every two or three days. After several weeks of harvesting from the full, vigorous mixed-seed holes, I finally decided to harvest the sparse lettuclings from the non-mixed holes. Then I sprinkled mixed seeds in those holes too. Seems that my lettuce varieties prefer the company of other lettuce varieties...

Alien Activity Nextdoor

It's that ethereal time of year again. The temperature plummets,,, and the nights grow long... and the woodland creatures tuck themselves into their burrows in anticipation of the will-o'-the-wisp invasion. This phenomenon is particularly odd in Lopstick, though none of my neighbors will speak of it. I did manage the capture a few seconds of one flying away... Are they terrestrial? Are they extraterrestrial? Is there a third category? I believe they will remain a mystery...

Gaia Cycle Disruption

Temperatures in northern New Hampshire have been swing dramatically so far this December. I haven't been able to document this on any of the local news channels, but three inches of snow and ice will disappear and reappear in a few hours--and this is overnight! So maybe this phenomenon is confined to Lopstick. Let's hope so. Catastrophic global climate change now seems to be exponentially increasing, and those not native to Lopstick (99.999...% of Earthlings) are (99.999...%) unprepared. I'm shutting myself in my home office during the day, and bundling up at night to keep the heating bill down. I'm not saving the world, just saving my conscience. I'd live off-grid, but then how would I post

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