Buds a-buddin'!

Could it be? Yes, it could, and is! My flower bulbs are finally budding through the freshly thawed ground... Which means it's time to plan out my garden. I'm thinking a lettuce theme. But I'm gonna give Shenan time to finish posting her fence so that her wild dog-beast will be comfortably partitioned away...

Dog goned note!

Turns out Shenan's mangy mutt shredded the note she left nailed to the post next to my garden. I saw what was left of the paper shreds Monday morning; and by noon, Shenan had gathered the pieces and scurried them away. I wonder if she thinks her precious pooch couldn't possibly have eaten the note, and that it was me who had let my feelings about her fence be known with the shredding. "An invitation to tea? How presumptuous! Let the shredding commence!" But I'm pretty sure that didn't happen...

Shenan Again

My next-door neighbor (I still don't know her name; so I refer to her as "Shenan") continues her fence-building. She's hammering posts for a fence parallel to my garden, mere inches from where I will plant my marigolds. I haven't gotten too close, as now that the weather's turned warmer, she keeps her very barky dog-like creature in her front yard. From my kitchen window I see Shenan's nailed a plastic-wrapped note to one of the posts. Surely it's a note for me. An invitation to tea, perhaps? Or maybe an offer for weed-pulling in exchange for dog-like creature walking. (She saw my weed patch last year, and I've never seen her walk her... pet.) The first non-rainy night I shall venture out wi


I had almost forgotten about my mid-winter springful thinking embryonic plant shopping spree... Now what do I do with all these seedful things? Turn them into sproutful things, plant them in my mini greenhouse, or mix them into my garden... or maybe all three! But first I must figure out how to keep my neighbor's canine out of my growing space. Seems he comes with an extra-long leash for roaming into the neighbors' non-canine business; and he's a prolific digger ...

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