Tomato plants!

I transplanted these hardy tomato seedlings this week. Through drenching rain and blazing heat, these darlings are thriving! Of course I've been tending to them carefully... and who knows whether they'll pop out tomatoes in a couple months. But the reward is in the gardening!

Bringing up broccoli...

These wee ones started as broccoli seeds in a sprouting jar. When they leveled up, I thought why not level them up again? And so into the garden they went! I dug a trench, laid them in, then tucked in the rootlets. I might have full-on heads of broccoli in a couple months, or the baby bunny I saw might be a broccoli fan. Either way, it's all good!

Radish Pot

Among my potted seeds, my radishes sprouted first. A few years back, I planted my radishes in a flower box in partial shade, and the roots were long and woody. This time, they're in full sun most of the day. I read that overcrowding makes the roots wild, so these first few seedling will be transplanted to the weed patch. Next up in my potted seeds are my tomatoes, and those will be thinned to the weed patch as well...

Baby bunny!

I spied this wee one resting in the iris stalks in my front yard. Just a single baby bunny, and so close to the trailer. No sign of mama bunny. Maybe the bunny burrow is underneath the awning... In any case, this summer this critter will have plenty of greens to munch on in my lettuce garden!

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