Sunflower Popped!

After months of doting and watering and waiting... my first sunflower of the year popped! Bright and petite (for a sunflower) and beautiful. Meanwhile, my marigolds are as big and bushy as ever, and some are saying hello... With many more buds to bloom for the rest of this season...

Gifted Fruit

While taking my daily walk yesterday, a neighbor called out, "Do you like tomatoes?" I turned to see a man with an open toolbox in his yard, fixing the skirt of his mobile home. I stopped and said, "Yes, I love them!" He said, "Stay right there." I watched him run to his backyard garden and lean over some tomato plants. He returned with three plump, juicy ones. I thanked him and asked how much I owed. He told me they were free, and if I wanted more, to come back in a few days. What an unexpected gift! My own garden tomatoes are still green...

Neighbor's trailer's done gone.

I was out doing my daily walk last week, and I noticed my neighbor's trailer was gone. As in there's nothing left in the yard but some bushes and an empty dirt patch. I guess that's sometimes what happens in the fall, things just get pulled up by their roots and POOF they're gone. I didn't even see the trailer hauler that surely must've driven through the neighborhood. It had to have done some slow, careful maneuvering to pull the trailer out and away...

Revisiting Ground Zero

Today I took a walk to the former site of the tannery bordering my trailer park. The buildings are still there, but the area is fenced off, and the dumping field is now overgrown with thick, mutated vegetation. I took a couple photos through the chain-link fence. Not all mutations are bad, of course. Looks like the dumping field mutations are quite good, as they are providing seeds and berries for the birds. And of course, the birds are doing fine. When nature, in the form of humans, contaminates an area, nature, in the form of rebellion and time, reclaims the area into something even better. In this case, a wildlife refuge. But I still think growing my tomatoes and such in buckets and a lin

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