Thankful Turkeys

Yesterday, during my walk, I saw a flock of wild turkeys strolling the trailer park. They kept their distance, but were unafraid clucking softly as I walked beside them on the lane. Turkeys are common in the park, along with squirrels, chipmunks, and deer. Today -- Thanksgiving in the USA -- it's too cold, rainy, and windy to venture outside. But I thank park management for not allowing any shooting within the forested park limits. I'm sure the turkeys, if they knew of their hunting range cousins, would be thankful too.

Blooming Bittersweet

After several days of steady rain and freezing temperatures, the sun came out today and warmed Lopstick to a reasonable temperature. I took advantage of the unseasonable warmth and strolled the neighborhood... Then I snapped a couple pics of the bittersweet tower which crowns my driveway. " creates a dark and impenetrable shelter for varied animals. The plant grows well in dark areas in places where it can receive the light of morning or afternoon." Though this particular bittersweet opts for a high perch...

De-junking in the hood.

Less than a year after moving in, my next-door-neighbor hires a junk-removal van to haul away half the things she moved into her trailer. Is she prepping for a new year's resolution, or simply clearing a walking path in her abode? The day after the van, I peeked out of my kitchen widow, and her yard projects are still in progress. And now the weather's turned well below freezing, and snow is on the way...

Mysterious garden plant survives several hard freezes.

Though mild temperatures prevailed through October and so far through November, Lopstick has had several hard freezes. This year's garden, including the hardy marigold bushes, are kaput. Except for one mysterious plant. I don't recall planting any winter-resistant seeds, so I'm guessing this is a mutation. But only evergreens survive being encased in snow and ice, which is yet to come...

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