Driveway glamping.

Sheenan's been up to something strange again. From my kitchen window I see her cook, eat, and wash her dishes in her Durango attached to her Bushwacker. All the while, all the vehicle doors are open. I know her trailer is heated -- I can see the smoke coming from the chimney. But she has a propane tank hooked up to her car. So maybe she just enjoys cold and icy glamping in her driveway. And while she's outside mysteriously packing and arranging box after box of provisions, The Behemoth doesn't bark.

Mouse release!

Yesterday I saw a mouse in my kitchen (it looked like a big one, so it could've been a rat). In a flash, it crawled up the cupboards and somehow managed to squeeze through the crack at the top of the cutlery drawer. I've no idea how its fat little body flattened enough to do that! As not a single mouse is allowed in my house, I set a live trap, and the mouse (or a mouse, as it looked much smaller), overnight, ventured into its transpo for a peanut butter treat. After searching online for tips and tricks to releasing wild mice outside into a cold environment, this morning, a friendly neighbor and I set it free. I was glad to see it run away from my trailer...

Frozen Munchies

Lopstick is sub-freezing this week, and the woodland creatures are getting by on frozen twigs and frozen kitchen scraps. After each snowfall, I bundle up and carry my accumulated potato peels, cabbage cores, popcorn kernels, carrot tops, and such to the compost pile. The bunnies then partake. I saw fresh tracks in the snow today. Looks like they did the bunny-hop!

First Dump of the Season

Lopstick had its first snow dump of the season. For a couple days, the trailer park was snowed in. Today, the lanes are covered in a thick layer of ice. So I pushed open the back door, mounding the snow on the deck, and carefully made my way down the steps and into the snow-covered backyard. My two grills are snow-dumped, the compost pile (offerings to the woodland creatures) is packed in snow, and the bird bath is now a snow bath. I will be layering fresh food offerings on the frozen compost tonight. More snow dumps are expected. So the snow bath will melt come springtime...

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