Winter Sun

A quiet week in Lopstick, nary a chirping bird (that I've heard), nor a creaking tree branch in the winter wind. The neighbors are even quieter than usual. Then again, even with the sun shining bright, I've not ventured out in the cold to make my rounds. Sheenan is still vacationing with her Bushwacker, and her camping gear is still piled on her driveway, covered in snow. I wonder how many woodland creatures will have taken refuge in the gear by the time she returns. No matter, -- she puts up with the behemoth, so she's surely an animal lover.

Ice Cycles

The last week brought cycles of freezing and thawing. One day it's walking weather, the next, it's sub-freezing again. This morning I saw a neighborhood feline walking along the icy path beside my frozen weed patch. Calm and cool (literally) this cat didn't seem to mind the temperature. I set a bowl of kibble on the back deck. If it partakes, I will set out some water. But surely this kitty knows where to find ice melt near the trailers, or perhaps it's an indoor / outdoor kitty...


It's been a week of flux: first the temperature shot up from sub-freezing to T-shirts-and-shorts appropriate. This must've triggered a migratory response in Sheenan, as she overnight unpacked her Bushwacker onto her driveway and took off. Now her camping supplies sit outside, casually tarped and unattended. Sheenan and her Bushwacker's been gone a few days now. I wonder how many mice will have made their nests inside those boxes by the time she returns from the unpacked camping?

Frozen offerings...

Outside, all the grass, plants, and ground are frozen solid. The trees seem frozen too, when their limbs aren't swaying in the bitter wind. So the compost pile Chuck is frozen, and the woodland creatures must break off pieces of my kitchen scraps and carry them back to their dens to thaw and eat. And so I put extra treats in there for sustenance...

Laser light!

Sheenan, my quirky next-door neighbor, continues to glamp in her driveway. But now she has a new glamping feature. A laser light that directs a beam of pure white through my kitchen window and into my trailer (when the shade is up). The beam is so intense it can be seen at noon on a sunny day. And she keeps the laser on 24 hours a day. We're now in the 20/20 Vision decade, but this optical security feature is more weird than I expected. I asked Google Mini why there's a laser shining through my window, and she said, "It is very difficult to find a high power laser that can go through glass."

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