Spring signs!

Lopstick is emerging from a cold and dark winter, and spring signs are popping up in the neighborhood. I ventured outside on this warmer day and found this... Green grass under the melting ice and snow! I know a lot of grass stays green throughout winter, but... it's vivid green! Next the crocuses will pop, and with that, garden planning... I've several boxes full of seeds... it will be a crowded crop, of course.

Layered noms...

Lopstick is freezing, melting, freezing, melting... The cycles of winter are winding down in preparation for spring, and each step outside is slippery on a thick layer of ice. But still I make my way to the compost pile to feed the woodland creatures. Come the last thaw of the season, layer upon layer of kitchen scraps will be revealed and devoured. No wonder all the furred, feathered, and scaled friends congregate in my backyard...

Night Light

Shenan and the behemoth are still who-knows-where in their Bushwacker. But a few days ago I saw a bright light while looking out my mudroom window at night. Shenan left her shed light on and the shed door open. So going on a month of an open lighted shed! I wonder how many woodland creatures will be camping there by spring... and whether Shenan and the behemoth will come back to Lopstick...

Temp Tease

The Temperature Tease melts the frosted ground and promises months-in-the-making Tempties of garden-spawned goodness... but 'tis a Temporary Tease... until springtime bursts forth in morning glory! In the meantime, I'm envisioning glowing red orbs of the world's most perfect fruit... so versatile some even consider it a vegetable. Or even a berry. ("While tomatoes are fruits—botanically classified as berries—they are commonly used as a vegetable... ") Or even a Meatful Thing!

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