Spring storm!

A couple days ago, I woke to was sounded like tree branches falling on the roof. When I finally ventured outside, I found this: A branch on top of the snow-covered compost pile. Then I saw this: An actual branch that fell over my head while I was asleep! Another one appeared to come down on some power lines between my trailer and my neighbor's trailer... or did it?: If I were any more superstitious, I'd think that the forest spirits were sending me a message... perhaps (as I was safe asleep in my bed at the time of falling branches) that I am sheltered from the pandemic, in more ways than one. May the forest spirits work their magic on the rest of the world...

Machine machinations.

A mach chi machine on an ion nation. No macha machines inch IA nation. I, Macha, chi anon machine nation.

Skirt flip!

My next-door-neighbor (in theory) is still missing. And in her absence, someone (or something) flipped up sections of her trailer skirt! Now the trailer has a another front and back door. It takes quite a bit of effort to flip a section of trailer skirt... unless the flipper is a supernatural entity. But the effect is quite jaunty, doncha think?

Heat holes.

The high topped out at 60 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday, and when I stepped out onto my backyard I found these! Seems the heat is not only coming down from the Sun, but also up from inside the Earth... And it's fizzuring out through these steamy, bulging holes. And the moss loves it! Could it be another cycle of chemical migration from the tannery spill? I will be watching for another crop of mutant flora in my backyard this spring...

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