Return of the yard fungi.

My front yard fungi is out and saying "Hello!" again. As per usual, it popped up overnight. And the grass is growing right though it. I touched it and it felt like it had just come out of the freezer. Just another weird happenstance in Lopstick!

Compost Creature

A few days ago I was feeding Chuck (my backyard compost pile), and out of the corner of my eye I saw the surface of Chuck rise. Even though my backyard is criss-crossed with bulging mole tunnels, I sat and waited for the unknown creature to emerge. And then its snout poked out. Twitching and quivering, it sniffed the air, then pulled back under to tunnel some more. So I have a compost mole. I will be sure to keep it well-fed through fall and winter!

Moonlight strolls...

It's so hot and humid now that I take my walks late in the day... or rather, early in the night. So now they're "moonlight strolls." The trailer park is a different animal during summer at night. Full of yard lights and darkness and smells and thousands of cheeping and peeping cheepers and peepers. The flying ones get thick under the lane lights, but if you keep moving, they bounce right off. So wondrous to see the moon and stars and planets against a black sky. The drifting clouds are comforting and the heat lightning is spectacular! In the heat of the summer, it's still hot and humid at night. But at least the sun is not bearing down in all its overbearing glory, and moonlight... feels rig

Tropical Storm!

The remnants of tropical storm Isaias blew through Lopstick last night... and this morning I ventured outside to assess the impact. Tornadoes and tropical storms are known to pummel trailer parks. Luckily, the Lopstick trailer park is a bit farther north... But here, Isaias blew down a bird nest. And gifted me with even more pine needles for the compost pile. My prepper neighbor's garden flourished from the torrential rain. Soon he will be offering his zucchinis to me...

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