Indigenous summer.

Fall got off to a chilly start, but now Lopstick is in the midst of an indigenous summer... ...and my marigolds are robust and vivid, as per usual! These beauts give enough warmth and energy to get me through the coming winter. (I'm already in hibernation mode... and dreaming of next spring's garden.)

The little sunflower that did!

Of all the sunflower seeds I planted this year (a lot), only a few came up, and most of those were bug-eaten to bits. One tiny sunflower remained, thin and sparse of leaves, with a tiny sunflower head tightly closed. Then last week it was trampled by a woodland creature. After I saw the stem had all but severed, I put it in a cup of water, hoping it would do its thing... It was sending me good thoughts ("I think I can, I think I can") and today, it did! My little sunflower is abloom!

Tomato scraggler.

Though the few tomato plants that popped up this year were scraggly, one of them finally fruited a tiny green tomato! I'm keeping the stem (it's a stem, not a bush) watered, and carefully monitoring its well-being. Perhaps it will redden before the woodland creatures take an interest. Here is a pic of the wee one, greatly magnified:

Garden toppler!

Yesterday I waited until the heat of the early fall day was dissipating into (a still hot) evening, stepped outside, and took a look at my sparse garden. I was especially keen on my lone mini sunflower that had the tiniest bud on it. So precious was this single small surviving sunflower that I've had it encircled in a mini wire fence since spring. But BAM something had run through the garden, dislodging the mini fence, and tramping my mini sunflower! Then I saw that my Giant Majestic had been BAM uprooted! And the stems were pointing upward, so it must've happened the evening or night before. Perhaps a deer or a bear. Anyway, I righted the fence and sunflower, and propped up the extremely la

Shady and shifty...

One month before the spooky month (of Octoberween) is when the forests in Lopstick are at their most dense... the trees and bushes and vines are at their full foliage. The nights are longer.... The air is cooler... And even the shadows are more shady and shifty... Won't be long until my moonlight strolls will be taken earlier and earlier, until I'm taking sunlight strolls in the heat of the fall day.

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