My Most Majestic Weed is a...

Most Majestic Sunflower! Or so I think it is... Could've sworn they were weedful things. But now I see they're (sunflower) seedful things, and the seeds I will be saving!

wee winged things

Last week I did battle with an invasion of fruit flies. In the kitchen, the the bathroom, and in the mudroom, where they congregated around the cat food. They even got into my home office, where they landed on my lunch, swam in my tea, and bounced off my nose. Especially that last one. I've no idea why they've been so attracted to my nose. But it's been an annoying obsession. So I spent the weekend wiping down every hard surface on the inside of my trailer (except for the ceiling). So far that's worked. I've seen only a few since then. And now I'm looking forward to the first hard freeze of the season to be rid of any stragglers... until next year!

Pine clearing.

This morning I sat in my home office listening to the wind whipping through the pine trees. Then I heard a loud buzzing. A machine. I looked out the window and saw that my neighbors across the lane were having all the pine trees in their front yard cut down. Now my home office will get more light... and so will my garden next year. In the meantime, the wind and the felled trees have covered my yard in pine needles...

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