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I started my culinary herb seeds outside on the back deck, but with fall, the weather turned cold and dark. So I got a grow light and set it up in the mud room. I had put labels on all the pots, but the swamp gas must've made them illegible while they were outside. Pretty sure there's carrots in there somewhere.

This one is a voodoo lily. I buried the bulb, and a couple weeks later, found this mound of moss on the surface. Not sure if that's part of the growth cycle or an anomaly. Probably an anomaly spawned by the spore-filled swamp gas.

The yellow onion I planted rotted and spawned gnats, so I fed it to Chuck. It was gone the next day, save the gnats that were still hovering over the pile. The pearl onion I planted is thriving. At this rate, it will reach the ceiling in a couple months. Perhaps I'll lay it on its side, and snake it through the trailer...

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