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Return of the Wisps

At the turn of the year, the will-o'-the-wisps returned to my trailer for a few minutes. While in the bathroom, I heard a loud bang, and at first thought it was the pipes. But then I turned around and looked at the window. I ran to get my cam and got this:

...which was indistinct because I shot the video through frosted glass. Then I heard another loud bang. The noise was definitely coming from outside the trailer. By the time I put on my boots and coat and ran outside, the will-o'-the-wisps had sunk under the snow:

This may be the first recorded instance of wisps actually burrowing. Last month the northern wind plunged Lopstick into the negative numbers (Fahrenheit, as we're just south of the Canadian border), and it remains freakishly cold today, so it's not surprising they would seek refuge.

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