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Tip trap...

Yesterday, while taking my daily stroll through the trailer park, I saw a bright, shiny dime. Now this is usual for me, as I see spare change in the same area on Pluto Lane most every day. Now I'm not shy of vulgarity, and so I stoop to pick up change I find anywhere, including, of course, the change I find on Pluto Lane.

But this dime wasn't on the lane. It was on the driveway abutting the lane. One dime at the edge of the driveway... beckoning. So obviously a test. And I'm proud (a rarity) to say I passed the test! I did NOT stoop the pick up the dime.

And today when I walked down Pluto Lane, the dime was gone. A couple of neighborhood girls had walked down the lane before I did, and I suspect they failed...

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