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Lighthouse keepers.

From childhood, I've been drawn to the iconic lighthouse. A steadfast beacon of security and safety on the rocky shore of a dark and tumultuous sea. A warning beacon for the storm-weary and waterlogged: If you think you're troubles are over, think again, limeys! There be jagged boulders on this shore! Years ago, I thought an ideal career (for me) would be lighthouse keeping. The romance of solitude and the sea... Yes, please! But when I researched the actual duties, I realized it wasn't. I'm more of a "let the robots take over" person when it comes to things like gears and gear oil and charts with numbers. And so I resigned myself to admiring lighthouses from afar...

Fun fact: Aptly-named George Worthylake was the first lighthouse keeper in the USA, keeping watch from 1716 through 1718. His career ended when he drowned. Less than two weeks later, two of his three replacements also drowned. So the job wasn't without its risks.

Another fun fact: The demand in the already limited field of "lighthouse keeping" is almost nil these days. Robots took those jobs.

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