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Faux Marigolds

The days have been long and hot... and the nights have been hot... And so I water my weedy garden in between summer showers, pull the weeds in the evening, and see that new weeds have popped up overnight. Must be the fertile Superfund soil. This year I've seen an abundance of what I guessed were marigold flowers (not yet bloomed). And so I had anticipated a full garden of marigold flowers for the fall. But now that some early marigolds have popped their buds, I've taken a closer look.

Seems the garden has an abundance of faux marigolds. Their leaves are slightly different, and these imposers have to signs of buds.

"Things aren't what they seem" is Lopstick's motto. The soil around here tends to augment adaptation... these faux marigolds will stay in the garden alongside the real marigolds.

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