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Fairy Ring Trailer

After a days-long, dark rainy spell, the sun pops out, and I see that a fairy ring had popped up in my front yard. Or should I say half a fairy ring.

Fairy rings usually consist of a group of ground-growing mushrooms forming a circle. But one half of this fairy ring consists of my trailer! Look closely, and you'll see the mushrooms popping out from underneath the ubiquitous pine needles and fallen leaves.

Nobody knows for sure what causes any particular fairy ring, but

Wiki says, "Long-term observations of fairy rings on Shillingstone Hill in Dorset, England, further suggested that the cycle depended on the continuous presence of rabbits." Only my trailer is located in Lopstick, New Hampshire, USA.

Folklore says fairy rings pop up in dangerous places... but they can also symbolize good fortune. With All Hallows' Eve around the corner, we shall see...

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