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Gaia Cycle Disruption

Temperatures in northern New Hampshire have been swinging dramatically so far this December. I haven't been able to document this on any of the local news channels, but three inches of snow and ice will disappear and reappear in a few hours -- and this is overnight! So maybe this phenomenon is confined to Lopstick. Let's hope so. Catastrophic global climate change now seems to be exponentially increasing, and those not native to Lopstick (99.999...% of Earthlings) are (99.999...%) unprepared. I'm shutting myself in my home office during the day, and bundling up at night to keep the heating bill down. I'm not saving the world, just saving my conscience. I'd live off-grid, but then how would I post these updates to Gaia and her offspring? That is, if any of the rest of the world is reading... I rarely venture out in winter... if it wasn't for the internet, I'd think the rest of the world had gone from more than my mind...

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