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Neighbor at night.

For the past several weeks I've been hearing a persistent pounding noise at night. It's coming from my neighbor. During the daylight hours, she's tucked away in her trailer. But come the night, she ventures out and hammers away on what look to be lengths of wood. So far no structures have appeared in her yard, wooden or otherwise. In fact, the only time I see the boards is when I peer out of my mudroom window at night and spy on her driving nails into the two by fours. Come the light of morning, all the wood so gone. Does she tuck it in the crawlspace under her trailer? And why does she only hammer at night? Come spring I shall catch her outside and ask her why she fills the night with her pounding. I'm not cross, as it's a rather peaceful rhythm which lulls me to sleep... and I find myself oddly refreshed in the morning. Good neighbors are a blessing in Lopstick.

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