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An early spring, an early confrontation?

As Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring, my scheduled neighborly confrontation came early as well. I was awake last night, the lulling rhythm of my neighbor's pounding notwithstanding. With the unseasonably warm weather, I had spend the day dreaming about all the lettuce seeds I would be planting in my garden after the last frost of the season. Actual asleep dreaming--it's when I have my best dreams. And so that night the pounding was more annoying that not. As she pounded the hours away, I gathered my resolve to finally have a proper neighbor-to-neighbor conversation with her. At the stroke of midnight, I buckled into my hiking boots and puffy coat and out the back door I tromped. But as soon as my security light switched on, the pounding stopped. I knew she wasn't done for the night, because she has a habit of pounding until at least three in the morning. Then I heard the clatter of boards and the rattle of nails in a can. It was then I realized I had to, in a gesture of friendly neighborliness, shake off my pounding-induced annoyance. "Friendly neighbor!" I called out "I quite enjoy your pounding at night! Perhaps we could have a pleasant chat before your resume your restful racket?" But then her deck light switched off and her door slammed. Maybe tonight I'll stop by at ten...

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