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Neighborly reciprocation...

All day yesterday I heard a banging, clanging racket coming from outside the trailer. I was tucked into my home office (the only room in the trailer with decent heat during winter) and so I declined to peek outside. Sounded like tree branches were flinging against my trailer. A few times it even sounded like somebody was vigorously jiggling the back screen door, as if they were trying to open it. No thank you, weirdo neighbor! After several hours, the bang-clanged abruptly stopped. And today I ventured out to look at the evidence of neighborly trespassing. Turns out she had thrown all her scrap branches from the recent wind storm onto my lot. She knows I've been spying on her shenanigans, and is now upping the ante. But because I'm not one for card games (or ante-upping), I've decided to let the branches lay where they may. But what a mess. Looks like a giant wind storm ripped through here...

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