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Garden toppler!

Yesterday I waited until the heat of the early fall day was dissipating into (a still hot) evening, stepped outside, and took a look at my sparse garden. I was especially keen on my lone mini sunflower that had the tiniest bud on it. So precious was this single small surviving sunflower that I've had it encircled in a mini wire fence since spring. But BAM something had run through the garden, dislodging the mini fence, and tramping my mini sunflower! Then I saw that my Giant Majestic had been BAM uprooted! And the stems were pointing upward, so it must've happened the evening or night before. Perhaps a deer or a bear. Anyway, I righted the fence and sunflower, and propped up the extremely large weed with a couple garden stakes and a zip tie. Then I gave the whole bunch a good watering. Today, they're all doing fine. Even one of my scraggly tomato plants has finally popped out a wee green tomato!

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