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21 potatoes

The temperature's been dipping below freezing this past week. And so yesterday, after a friendly neighbor mowed over my frozen marigolds, I dug up the center of my garden (where I plant any potatoes that go rogue over the winter) and harvested 21 of the progeny (nicely matching the current year). I boiled and ate the 21 potato salute for dinner. Most of them were marble-sized or smaller, and the rest weren't much bigger than that. Back in the garden I also found two small onions with a quite prominent roots. Those I put in water in the mud room. With coaxing and prodding, who knows how big and gangly they will get over winter.

In other news, the giant-rat-trailer-turned-vacant-lot-turned-new-trailer-next-door is on the market. A couple potential new neighbors have taken a tour so far. The giant rats are long gone, but I wonder whether the lot is now haunted...

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