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bagged lunch

The mice are migrating. There's just so many of them, they don't know where to go. So they spread out. The abandoned trailer next door had plenty of leftover food strewn over the floors... and the resulting mice boom has gifted the trailer park with a surplus of hungry nibblers...

The above is a photo of my recycling. Paper, cans, and bags all shoved into a large trash bag and hauled out onto my deck to clear space in my mudroom. No, I don't wash every food can before I chuck it into the recycling. If it looks empty, in it goes. But I didn't know mice could smell through plastic. Or maybe they were just curious?

The other day a park worker hacked down the brush growing around the power meter next door, presumably to make sure the dozer would see and not flatten it. I eagerly anticipate the trailer raising, but not the mass nibblers eviction...

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