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The last few days, though quite hot, have found me exchanging my moonlight strolls for early dusk strolls. While I've no doubt that September will bring many more hot days, I'm now getting out during the daylight hours to enjoy the heat of official summer before the leaves turn fiery (metaphorically and / or literally). And during these early dusk strolls I've seen the coinage laid out for me in the lane -- just beyond the edge of the driveway of the tipping house. Shiny change, carefully spaced and placed in a row, beckoning me. But the timing of my recent strolls has coincided with the evening neighborhood activity; and the dog barks and the open doors all along Pluto has kept me walking past the coinly offerings placed *so near* the driveway.

So today I waited until this night to take a proper moonlight stroll... but yet the night was overcast. Still I persisted to collect my tips... and though I had to linger at the edge of the driveway, I located my coins (this time one nickel and two pennies; and yes, I consider them my coins even before I stoop to retrieve them) by the light of ambiance without so much as a perceived dog yip or door creak on the planet.

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