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In two weeks America will (likely) descend (even further) into socio-economic chaos. I bought a larger refrigerator-freezer (the one that came with my trailer went kaput) and I'm stocking it to capacity. Stocking the mini-fridge and beer cooler too. Also stocking my pantry with dried beans and rice, and canned veggies and fruit. Ammo prices are through the roof in these days leading up to the lobby-electoral college POTUS election, but I have 200 rounds of 40 S & W, 500 of 10 mm, 500 of 12-gauge shotgun, 2,000 of .45 ACP, 5,000 of 9 mm, 6,000 rounds of 223, and 10,000 0f .22 LR. Prepping for the long, hard winter of discontent.

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