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Last week, Lopstick nights were subfreezing, and more of the same frigidity is expected for this week. And so I believe my garden centerpiece of rogue onions, potatoes, and carrot tops is no more. Looking from my kitchen window, the onion tops still look like onion tops, but I suspect the structural integrity is compromised to compostness.

But I did low key kind of set the centerpiece out in the garden a bit early-ish in the season. So if more veggies go rogue between now and May, I shall set another centerpiece!

In other news, two of my four tomato seed trays are sprouting inside their wet paper towel beds. The Dinner Plate tomato seeds and the Black Krim tomato seeds, specifically. Squee!

I shall put the tomato seedlings in individual pots of soil when they are vigorous enough...

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