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Funky fume funnel...

This photo is a side view of the back yard of the brand new trailer home next door. No other trailers in this park have such pipes sticking out of their back yards; and so I got to wondering about its purpose. I asked my friendly neighbor, and he said it's a septic tank vent. So then I asked him why no other back yards in this park have septic tank vents, and he said that wasn't in the building code when the all the other septic tanks were built. Why the change? To prevent methane gas explosions. So I guess Lopstick is lucky that we've not had any septic tank methane gas explosions... yet!

But what about the woodland creatures? Do they ever get curious and crawl inside these pipes? Hopefully their keen sense of smell would warn them to steer clear! And I can just imagine what tricks kids would play with such peculiar portals... yikes!

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