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Gunshots at midnight.

Yesterday I spent a quiet evening at home (as usual) and celebrated the coming new year with a bottle of hard iced tea. A little before midnight, I went to bed. A few minutes later, gunshots. That lasted for about fifteen minutes. And they were absolutely gunshots instead of fireworks. Maybe the Lopstickers finally got the message that the sound of fireworks is disruptive to the woodland creatures (also to cats and dogs). But why my neighbors would substitute loud bangs with... loud bangs is a mystery. Anyway, back to the Lopstickers. I questioned my friendly neighbor, and he said that in Texas, at midnight on New Year's Eve, the gun nuts shoot their guns not at a target, but in the air. Which is even more baffling. Do they not know that on this planet, what goes up also comes down? (Unless it's a satellite or some such thing.)

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