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Hazy Bees

The smoke from the Western wildfires is drifting across the country and turning into haze on the east coast. So much so that I've been staying indoors, binge-watching YouTube videos. But then my internet connection mysteriously disappeared for about a day before I called my provider. The next day, my internet was back on (and the haze had cleared somewhat) before the representative showed up. So as not to make the call a wash, he advised me of the bees' nest inside the window overhang beside my front porch, and the bees who were entering and exiting. I thanked him and made a mental note to use the back door until further notice. I'm lucky I hadn't bothered the bees; I had only seen them hazing around the flowers in my garden until they were pointed out to me. The haze, I'm sure, has a calming effect...

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