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Heat Wave Summer

Ahh... summer weather is finally baking Lopstick...

The Lopstick valley high was in the low 90s (Fahrenheit, because this is Ameriduh) this weekend; and as a ginger, I could only tolerate a few minutes at a time before retreating into my climate-controlled trailer. So I waited until dusk to water my garden, which thanked me by bursting forth even more weeds. Now apart from my centerpiece of onions and potato plants, my friendly-neighbor-gifted asparagus, my prolific marigolds, and my tall sunflowers, I know I have a few more intentionally-planted plants in there here and there, I just have to zoom in to see those. Some baby cabbages and a few showings of the melon and / or squash variety. Which I'm guessing, by the looks of them, will not be producing fruit and / or vegetables. Which is fine. My garden plants can be whatever they want to be; I'm largely a hands-off plant parent.

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