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I am NOT a Monster.

Last week I dug up a rogue supermarket garlic that I had planted. And despite the fact that this garlic was in the process of giving birth, I had planned to mince it and its baby, put them in a stir-fry, and eat them. I changed my mind in the nick of time. Instead of eating the birthing parent and baby, I put the pair in a glass with a bit of water for the roots and let the garlic finish giving birth. Because JFC I am NOT a Monster. Anyway, the garlic finished giving birth a couple days later, and is now nutrifying my compost pile. The former baby is now an adult garlic, sitting in the same glass, getting all plump and swole. And looking mighty tasty. Garlics are OK to eat, just not while they're giving birth. I think most people know that, but we can all use a reminder.

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