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I hear you tap-tap-tapping...

Last night, as I was having dinner, I heard a tapping on the wall coming from the outside... consistent and steady... So I grabbed a flashlight to investigate. I opened the back door to look at where the tapping would be coming from...

In the area between the window and the back deck sofa...

I shone the flashlight and peered at the space between the window and sofa...

"Oh my god oh my god oh my god!" I yelled, running back into my trailer. "Oh my god oh my god oh my god," I yelled as I ran through the trailer and out the front door. (There's an active beehive right beside my front door, but the bees were nothing compared to whatever that thing was!) And I ran out the door and down the porch steps and onto the driveway, all the while yelling, "Oh my god!"

And probably disturbing the neighbors.

Outside, on the back deck, against the wall, I had seen a tiny spider... right above a MASSIVE beetle all wound up in spider silk, dangling from a thread; and the spider was spinning the beetle, and the beetle was flipping, whap-tapping against my trailer. Whapping against my trailer loud enough that I could hear it from the inside while I was having dinner and watching TV!

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