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Indigenous turkeys!

I'm pretty sure turkeys are indigenous to Lopstick, and I'm pretty sure everyone in Lopstick knows this, including my new neighbors. Nevertheless, when I was at my kitchen window a few days ago, I saw my new neighbors rolling down the lane (I seem to see this a lot, especially considering they're gone a lot), about to turn onto their new driveway. In their front yard were maybe half a dozen wild turkeys, not even close to their car. My neighbor was driving slowly, as if to not disturb them... but then she BEEPED! And the turkeys ran off.

And now I can't wait to tell her I was in her new trailer before she was. Snapping photos, even. The turkeys were in her yard before she was, and I was in her home before she was! And the turkeys certainly don't go around beeping at people. Occasionally they'll peck on a car door, but who cares?

Anyways, what are they doing in Lopstick?! (The neighbors, not the turkeys.)

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