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Insta-worthy trailer.

A few days ago, I was in my kitchen making my brunch, when I stepped in front of my kitchen window and saw one of my new neighbors standing on his front porch with a guest. They both were facing away from the view of the lane, and instead, were facing my kitchen window. They also both had their cell phones out and were taking photos. So intently were they staring that I thought they might be looking right at me, so I stepped to the side of my window. Then I peeked out to spy. They stood on the porch for another minute or so, snapping away. One of them said, "Got it!" And so I went to my home office with my brunch. Minutes later, I ventured back into my kitchen, peered out the window, and saw my neighbor, again with his cell phone, strolling along the lane toward the front of my trailer. I leaned over the sink with my neck craned to watch him. He stopped directly in front of my trailer, turned to face it, and took even more photos.

Of course, I've no idea why.

I'm pretty much a hermit who dresses like a slob, but I do take pride in my humble trailer's appearance.

Perhaps this odd "encounter" will make for a neighborly ice-breaker come this spring when I'm out tending my garden, and my neighbor is out mowing his yard (or taking more photos). And when he tells me why he and his guest were taking photos of my trailer, I will tell him I didn't mind, as I took photos of the inside of his trailer before he even knew his trailer existed.

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