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Introducing Steve Egghead.

My friendly neighbor and I though it a good idea to shake ourselves out of our end-of-winter blahs. Via firing up the Ouija, of course. We switched on the Lava Lamp, lit some candles, and summoned a spirit. We asked the spirit its name, and it spelled "S-T-E-V-E-E-G-H-E-D." We asked Steve what year he was among the living, and he replied "XVI." Given the literacy rates of most people in the year 1051, we assumed Steve's surname to be "Egghead." We asked what he had to tell us, and he replied, "poof 5" and then a string of gibberish. Upon questioning his relationship to Jesus of Nazareth and Satan, the Prince of Darkness, he replied, "every 1 friend." 10 of 10; highly recommend!

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