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Magic Beans

So my beans that I'd been soaking are disintegrating, as far as I can tell. They're stinky and slimy, and I don't think I will be seeing any bean stalks sprouting forth. And so I buried them in the garden. If they decide to do anything besides enrich the soil (which is one of nature's zillion miracles), it will be a miracle. So a miracle either way.

I also planted a bunch of my other leftover seeds (from years ago) -- packets and packets. I did the direct-sow method, disregarding any contrary packet info. There were just too many seeds to start indoors, and these seeds are probably going to magically go the way of my magic beans anyway. Also sowed three packets of new sunflower seeds, and an insane amount (this packet was very large) of new marigold seeds; so surely I will have a floral garden this summer!

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