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Mischief of Rats

Turns out hundreds of rats are slowly migrating out of the abandoned trailer next door... and some of them are getting into my trailer. And these rats are as big as cats. I saw about ten of them last night outside in the yard next door, and heard them scurrying around on the back deck as I was walking back to my trailer. They got into a bag of recycling I had on a chair on the deck -- I could hear them and see the bag moving. I've also heard loud rummaging noises in the kitchen cabinets under the sink at night... and scratching and scurrying inside the walls of my trailer. All because of my evicted former neighbor.

Sheenan was a total recluse. She had leftover food and behemoth doo all over the floor of her trailer. She would order food delivery from restaurants, then let it sit on her porch overnight before she would open her door and bring it inside. She didn't take her trash out to the curb. And so (especially after she was evicted) the rats found a bonanza of food and the rat population exploded.

So I called the park this morning and described the situation, then a park worker came by and I showed him where I saw the rats. He said the park would be putting out poison and traps. And the park is going to demolish the rat trailer if they get an asbestos clearance. In that case, hundreds of rats will be running out of that trailer and toward mine.

I'm an animal lover and would want all of these rats to be humanely trapped and released into a forest far away. But there's just so many of them the park has to intervene. But any that escape I will humanely trap and release...

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