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More mystery seeds in the mail...

So I finally got some mystery seeds in the mail, and can now join the ranks of my fellow American gardeners who have gotten mystery seeds in the mail and planted them. One caveat -- the seeds I got, while undoubtedly mysterious, were actually labelled. And they were not from China. They were flower seeds originating from "Boy's Town." And that's the part that's mysterious. Apparently (and I'm completely guessing on this) there is a town of boys that sends packets of flower seeds to people. Lucky me!

I planted some of the mystery seeds in my garden (along with some leftover cabbage seeds, which may or may not turn into cabbage [and whew, my garden's getting pretty packed]), and planted some of the mystery seeds in a mint pot (or "pot of mint," whichever wording makes sense [both sound a little weird to me]).

I also put a wire fence around my garden, because last year the bunnies chewed through my plastic fence. So a very productive May Day, I must say!

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