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It's been a cool, wet spring-into-summer, and my garden is a mud pit with a few vague rows of veggie sprouts and ubiquitous weedlings popping out. Also a few tomato plant transplants in there, thanks to a kindly neighbor. I even recognize a back row of sunflower sunlings and a center cluster of marigold fringlings. Also in the works are pots of herbs and long beans, and a big container with several watermelon and pumpkin leaves (yes, entire leaves) emerging. Today the garden remains unfenced, and every day I see a bunch of bunnies hopping in the yard. Like last year, so many of them they'll surely mow their way through my veggies if I don't put up a dome. One of them ate the bean leaves off a potted bean plant. I had left it on the walkway for sunning. And so the munching begins...

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